Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Chocolate Gourmet Pretzels

I made these chocolate covered pretzel rods for my daughter's teachers at school.  You can get creative with these.  Have you ever seen how much these gourmet pretzels sell for?  Well let me just tell you, they are about $35 for half a dozen.  That's right, you only get 6 pretzels.  Crazy!  You can use a good quality chocolate or just use chocolate bark, which is readily available in the grocery stores this time of year.

All you need to make these are:

1 package pretzel rods
chocolate bark
various toppings - I used crushed candy canes, crushed Heath bars, Christmas sprinkles

Other good toppings are mini M&M's, mini chocolate chips (any flavor), drizzle of chocolate in contrasting color, crushed salted peanuts.

Melt the chocolate and let it cool for a few minutes so it will stick to the pretzel better.  Work in small batches of chocolate as it dries quickly.  You can either put your coatings on parchment paper and roll the chocolate pretzel in it, or you can sprinkle it onto the pretzel.  Lay the pretzels on a parchment lined cookie sheet until chocolate is set.  Package them up pretty and share them with your family and friends.  Enjoy!  


  1. Rhondi!! These look amazing. And I just so happen to have a half a huge bag of pretzels left from another recipe. Wasn't sure what to do with them but now I know.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful idea!

  2. You're right, these are so expensive at bake shops. I know they're hugely popular at Disneyworld but I've never had one. I didn't realize how easy they were to make at home. They're so pretty! A perfect gift.

  3. I think pretzels fixed this way would actually make me think twice about pretzels. They look yummy... delicious. Will have to try them.

  4. wow these look great and homemade gifts are the best

    Merry Christmas Rebecca


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