Monday, February 21, 2011

Caramelized Onion, Swiss, and Avocado Beef Sliders

The weather has been absolutely perfect this week in Texas.  We grilled up these delicious little sliders on my hubby's day off.  You can top them any way you like.  Our other favorite way is with cheddar cheese, bacon, and pickled jalapenos (pickles for the kiddos).  Any way you make them, I guarantee they will go good! 


1 1/2 lbs ground beef (80/20)
1 T Montreal steak seasoning
1/2 tsp garlic powder
4 T A-1 steak sauce, or your favorite
1 T Worcestershire sauce
1 pkg 12-count dinner rolls (I used King's Hawaiian sweet rolls)
caramelized onions
sliced avocados
Swiss cheese

In a large bowl, add ground beef, steak seasoning, garlic powder, steak sauce, and Worcestershire sauce.  Use hands to mix, but don't overwork the meat.  Roll into 1 1/2 inch balls, making a slight indention in the top (this helps burger to not puff up in the middle). 

You can either cook them on a hot grill outside, or use an indoor grill pan or cast iron skillet.  Cook to desired doneness.  Assemble and enjoy!


  1. What a great mix of flavors on these. So yummy. Sliders are always fun.

  2. Oh yippe - so happy to hear someone else is breaking out the grill too. These sound absolutely wonderful. And I like that you put avocado on there too - I bet that tastes great!

  3. Grilling is always so delicious! Your sliders look great and I love that you threw the avocado on there. Its always fun to add an unexpected flavor.

  4. Hi there! You visited me way back in October and I am now just saying hello. Been a blogging break for quite some time but wanted to come by and check out your delicious blog.

    I could definitely chow down on a few of these!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rhondi- Thanks for stopping by my biscuit post. Good luck on making them :) You'll have to let me know how you all liked them and if you have a good sausage gravy recipe I'd love to hear it.

  6. My mouth is watering reading this post! These sliders sound so good!


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